Types of Modern Home Architectural Designs 2020

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The development of increasingly sophisticated technology today, of course, brings very significant changes to the architectural design of today’s homes, starting from minimalist homes, to very grand and luxurious homes. Then today’s technology also helps the features of today’s homes, for example, automatic gates, even glass that can blur with just clapping.

At this time, houses have architectural designs with certain characteristics and have been categorized into several types. Of course, some of the designs that we will discuss on this occasion can be used as inspiration for building a house. Are you curious about the design? Next, see the explanation of the next paragraph.

Kinds – Kinds of Modern House Design

Immediately without baseline, here are 10 lists of houses that have characteristics based on categorized designs:

Mediterranean Home Design

The design style of this house is actually from 1918 which was adapted from the houses of European countries such as Spain, Italy, and Portugal. This house design style is back in trend this year. The distinctive feature of this house is the red roof made of clay and the house style with classic European buildings. In addition, this house is usually built in a place that has a very sunny tropical climate, which will make the design of this house even more colorful.

Contemporary Home Design

Furthermore, contemporary home design. The style of this house cannot be said to be dominant with its characteristics, but this house follows the technology that is currently developing. The minimalist impression is also very prominent in the design of the house. For variations in the model of the house depending on the level of creativity of the architect at the time of making this house.

For foundation problems, this house usually uses a foundation that is much stronger than other home designs and is claimed to be able to withstand all weather conditions, considering that currently, transition weather often occurs. For the interior, usually the floor used does not use granite, but uses wood which is quite beautiful to the eye. For lighting the contents of the house, this house usually has many windows so that natural light really stands out in the contents of this house.

Mid Century House Design

Next is the style of a mid-century design house. The prominent characteristic of this house is the large glass so that you can see the scenery outside the house. This design has actually been popular for a long time, to be precise in the 1945s and nowadays this house design is back in popularity.

American Craftman Home Design

Next up is the American Craftman house design. Did you ever play Maincraft games as a child? Yes, that’s right, this house has a design that is mostly made of wood. The uniqueness of this wooden building has its own aesthetic value for its residents. In addition, this house has a natural impression and is suitable for those of you who like to care for plants because the brownish wood color contrasts sharply with green plants. For the roof itself uses a gable model which is believed to be resistant to all extreme weather and adaptable to hot conditions.

Colonial House Design

The design of this house has its own uniqueness where the entrance has its own roof. The design concept of this house has been around since the 1800s, so if we take a quick look, the impression of European buildings is very attached to the design style of this house. In addition, there are several windows located on the left and right side of the entrance. Interesting enough, isn’t it for those of you who like classic style?

Victorian Home Design

Next is the Victorian house design. The design of this house is inspired by the residence of Queen Victoria in the 1830s. The design of this house has a pointed roof and some antiquated building decorations combined with bright colors like red. And the floor of the entire building is made of clay. This building usually consists of two or three floors accompanied by several unique windows.

The Federal House Design

This house design was actually adapted from a Georgian house design in the 1800s, and the federal name was taken from the American government at that time which was in the federal system development stage.

The design of this house is also a combination of ancient Greek and Roman architectural buildings, which makes the house feel like an old house. The characteristic of this house building is that it consists of two or three floors with two rooms on each floor.

Minimalist Home Design

Next is a minimalist home design. This house design is very popular today and it has been almost a decade that the concept of this house has been widely used by other people. The concept of this house can be said to be minimalist because almost all concepts, both inside and outside the house, are made very simple and the decorations are very simple. Some people even say that this minimalist house is a millennial house that is perfect for children today. The design is actually varied and depends on the architect who made it, but the minimalist and simple concept is still implied when we see the house.

Modern Home Design

Next up is the modern house. This house can usually be seen in luxurious housing today. This house is usually rectangular and accompanied by luxurious materials. The concept of this house has actually been implemented in the 1960s.

Modern Glass House Design

The last one is the modern glass house concept. The concept of this house is actually a combination of a modern house and a minimalist house. The concept of this house is like a minimalist house, but the sides and outside of the house do not usually use walls but use full glass.

So, those are some house designs that you can implement for your home design ideas. How ? Are you interested in building the ideal house with a very modern concept? Or do you want to have a house with a classic concept? Back to your taste.

This is the information we can share about various modern house designs today. Hopefully with the information we share, it can help you get an idea of ​​the concept of the house you want to build. Make sure you choose the right architect and expert with the concept of the house you want to make. You need to know, every architect certainly has its own advantages in a design. Goodbye and thank you.